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Next level | Level 4 T-Spine Rotational Power

next level members the next level program video archives Aug 04, 2016

Level 4 T-Spine Power is all about speed. You now have earned the right to rotate but note that there are still exercises in this series that require the T-Spine to resist rotation. Transitioning from anti-rotation to rotation and back gives your body the versatility and ability to switch from mobile to stable while controlling movement at speed. Here is the list of exercises for T-Spine Level 4:

Level 4 Tspine

Depending on your gym experience and how long you spent focussing on Levels 1-3 you will determine how many sets and reps for this segment. I recommend 3 sets of this circuit with 5 reps each exercise that is performed at speed. Below is an example of what your workout may look like for this phase of your training:

TSpine Level 4 Example

Continue with this program for 3-6 weeks performing the workout 3x/week. If you would like some variety you can sprinkle in some of the Level 1-3 exercises or exercises from other Levels from other sections of the Next Level Program that you have performed. Increase resistance once the rep count becomes to easy but maintain your speed. The focus should not be in increasing weight here but more focussed on increasing speed. If you can accomplish both you truly will improve your rotational power output. Leave comments below and share your progress!

Downloadable PDF: T-Spine Level 4 Workout Sheet1

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