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NL High Threshold One

the next level program video archives Nov 10, 2016

Before we start....What Is High Threshold Training?



The High Threshold phase is the most important element of the Next Level program. This is the difference maker! I have always said that anyone can make you stronger.

It's simple!

Science of strength and conditioning and muscle adaptation has determined the ideal sets and reps needed for muscle growth and increase strength. Whats not easy and what I have developed over the past 25 years is the base layer below strength called high threshold. It started when I was training my athletes and improving their function, removing limitations and developing their athleticism with the intent to progress them to strength.

The problem, if you want to see improved performance as a problem, is that my athletes achieved their performance goals before even getting to the strength phase. This made me invest my time and energy into this unique style of training and tested it on rotational athletes from all sports.

The end result?

Better athletes, better core control, pelvic control, scapular control and more efficient transfer of energy resulting in speed and power gains. High threshold training is multi jointed, multi planar, low load, high nueromuscular recruitment, high level coordination and athleticism based movements. Like every phase on the Next Level we will start slow and demand mastery of the movements before you earn the right to progress to the Next Level!

NL High Threshold One
Follow the exercises or movements in this video and pay attention to your form and the cues provided by the coach. Its not about quantity its about quality. We are training the nervous system not stressing the muscle. Increasing the resistance is NOT the goal. Its about mastery of movement. Take your time in this phase and don’t be too quick to progress to the next video. The longer you stay here the closer to mastery you will get. Be patient grasshopper! Here is the list of exercises in the video and the cues for you to follow when you no longer require the follow along video. It is important to experience the training session in both formats for deeper learning.


Here is your downloadable PDF! nl-high-threshold-one

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