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Nutrition 4 Performance

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This is a simple way to look at a very complicated subject. Nutritional information is usually based on personal preference and someone’s personal opinion based on their personal experience. This video is not my opinion and not a meal plan that you need follow. Instead it is a guideline that will help you fit your personal nutritional preferences into without misinformed bias that is being shoved down your throat in every magazine, news feed or social media post. Once you understand how food affects your energy levels, hormone function and performance both on the field and during recovery you can create a strategy that works for you.


How to use this video. First determine which category of coach you are:

  1. I  know nothing about nutrition and could really use a simple way of determining what are good food choices to optimize my potential.
  2. I know a fair bit about general nutrition but interested in other professionals take on this some times hard digest topic. I could also really use a simple way to look at nutrition so I can better communicate with my athletes about how their foods affect their performance.
  3. I know everything about nutrition and don’t need anyones help for anything because I am a GOD!

If you fall into category 1 or 2 watch and enjoy. If you fall into category 3 call me as I am currently looking for an employee who can determine the fate of the free world with a swipe of his/her hand.

Use this video as a tool to enhance your athletes understanding of their relationship with food and how it affects their performance. In the past I use to try to WOW the athlete with all the science behind nutrition and left them with a huge list of do and don’ts. This made me the nutrition Nazi and every time I walked by them at lunch they would quickly jump to attention and slide the brownie under the table. You want your athletes to eat well because it makes them feel better and perform better. Not because you are policing them. Let them make their own educated choices and empower them to make the right choices.

Here is some more information for you specific to Golf Nutrition. You can apply it to your sport as the concepts will be consistent but the dose and timing may need to be changed to match your sports energy requirements:

Coach Glass Food & Hydration Guide


Hydration could be the number one factor that can affect your performance on the golf course. Hydration starts 2 days before the event. If you wait till the morning of your 1st round you are too late!

Drink ½ your body weight in ounces everyday. On a golf day in the hot sun you need to consume that same amount before 3pm.

160lb golfer: 160/2= 80oz of H2O/Day (2.5 litres)

Eat Clean:

What you eat before and during your round will affect your energy levels, power output, and your ability to stay focused. Eating processed foods that are full of additives, sugars and toxic fillers will make you feel bloated, lethargic, and foggy. Try eating clean foods like hard boiled eggs, oatmeal with fresh berries for breakfast, fruit and veggies paired with nuts during your round and drink tons of water all day. You will feel amazing and play your best golf.

The Dose:

The LAB Coaches recommend having 3 snacks in your bag that are consumed just before the first hole, another after the 6th and one final dose after the 12th hole. This will keep the blood sugars level in the optimal zone for the entire round. Mix these snacks with a bottle of water every 6 holes and you are golden. I like to mark my scorecard with fueling and water break reminders so I don’t forget to eat and hydrate every 6 holes.

We also like our players to have a high glycemic snack in their bag for emergency purposes only. What constitutes an emergency situation you ask? If you have 3 holes left and you are drained of energy and need a quick lift you can break open the glass case and eat that Snickers bar. This sugar packed treat will give your brain and body that quick boost of energy you need to finish strong. The problem is that you are guaranteed a crash within 10 minutes of your finish so don’t make it a habit. If you fuel with appropriate snacks throughout your round you won’t feel the need to dip into the emergency snack. Here are your choices for appropriate and effective snacks that you can eat during your round?

The Choices:

Ideally we would like you to have a well balanced snack like a spinach salad covered with grass fed beef steak, avocadoes, tomatoes and an olive oil and lemon dressing but this is an unrealistic meal to carry in your golf bag. You need foods that can resist the heat, do not require refrigeration, easily digestible, and readily accessible. We have taken the time to list options that you can mix and match but please take into account the food pairings as they are created to minimize sugar spikes!

Birdie Choices:

Water 3 bottles minimum (1.5 litres)

Apple & Individually Wrapped Cheddar Cheese

Raisins & Almonds

Beef Jerky

Hard Boiled Eggs

Banana & Mixed Nuts

Coconut Bar



Par Choices:

Drink a mix of ¾ H2O: ¼ Sports Drink

Protein Bars

Peanut Butter & Jam on Whole Grain Bread (PGA Tour Favorite)

Dried Fruit

Fruit on its own

Bogey Choices:

Sports Drinks (Full Strength)

Granola Bars

Chocolate Bars

Hot Dog

If you have more questions or want me to discuss it in more detail leave a message in the #YOJAY section or fire me a #YOJAY on social media!

Eat well, train hard and be great!

Coach Glass

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