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Push & Pull Technique

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The best exercises in the world are useless if they are performed incorrectly. I love going into public gyms and watching people with the best intentions doing the worst things to their body.

The exercise often isn't the problem. It is their form and technique that is making the exercise toxic.

That isn't going to happen to you! You need to make sure you are working at the right level and progress and regress when appropriate. Two of the most common and popular movements in the gym are the Press and Pull. This is also one of the worst performed exercise movements in the gym.

Well, this isn’t going to happen to my athletes!

That's why I put together this Push & Pull Technique video.

(Below is just a highlight reel) I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night thinking that one of my athletes was in the gym, wearing a “Burn your Benches” T-Shirt and performing a single-arm row or cable press with horrible technique.

It's time to raise your Gym IQ and get your technique dialled in! Most important points to remember:

  1. If you are an athlete: Plant your feet in the ground and use your body as a pushing and pulling machine!
  2. Burn Your Benches! Your body is the bench! 
  3. Earn the Right to Rotate: Start stable then progress to Rotation
  4. Change your stance and position of resistance to increase or decrease difficulty! 

What more can I say that I didn't say in the video? Ohhh I know! Remember to watch this video in its entirety. There is a special bonus feature at the end.  Just for my Next Level Members!

Coach Glass

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