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Seated Pistol

exercise tips exercises video archives video for athletes Feb 16, 2016

The seated pistol is a great exercise for glute, quad and full lower quarter stability development. I use it with my athletes as a litmus test to see how their lower body balance, stability and relative leg strength is progressing. You can see in the video how my right foot is flared out as compensation for some instability further up the chain. (I purposely did this just so you could see what compensation looks like. If you think for a minute that the Coach has any REAL compensatory movements in this shrine of a body you need to stop reading. You don’t do that to the Coach!) The left foot is properly aligned and moving nicely. Watch for Valgus Knee Dive with your athletes. Values knee drive is where the knee moves toward the midline instead of staying pointed one the big toe. This would indicate a lack of glute med strength or stability on the loaded leg!

Progress from standing to sitting, sitting to standing followed by sitting again. Alter the height of the bench to increase or decrease the difficulty.

Send me some videos of you performing the Seated Pistol on Instagram @jasonglasslab and I will analyze it! (Only for Next Level Members- Locals Only!)

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