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Summer High-Triplexity Squad Intro: Video Call Recording

high-triplexity zoom calls Jul 05, 2020

Thanks to everyone who joined me on the call on Thursday. For those of you who couldn't make it, here are some highlights from the recording. Remember that sign up for the Squad closes tomorrow. If you have any questions email me or go to

  • Welcome and the science behind Neuromuscular training
  • Examples of pro athletes using High-Triplexity exercises in their workouts
  • How the weekly High-Triplexity Squad and exercise review program works
  • Example of High-Triplexity Squad member's exercise review by Coach Glass
  • Questions and answers from zoom call attendees 
  • Pricing, bundles, discounts and affiliate programs for High-Triplexity Squad

Who will you be 8 weeks from now? What new knowledge will you have? What type of an athlete, coach, or person will you be? Who are the like-minded motivated and smart individuals you will now call friends? Who will guide and support you on that journey? My goal is that the Summer Squad will radically shift your mindset and performance. If you're ready to shift, join us.

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