#YOJAY 2 | Early Specialization & Plyometrics

#glisteners #yojay coach glass podcast coach glass tv video archives Feb 03, 2016

In this week’s edition of #YOJAY we answer questions about Early Specialization and how Plyometrics Can Help Golf.

This weeks questions come from Scott and Coleman:
Scott Scholl @Scott62atc

Yo Jay. ..question of the week ..With the "Win Now" culture that parents and coaches have created. What is your approach to educating parents, youth and coaches that hurrying up the process, specialize too early, and games to early are not the best why to develop a child?

Also… Coleman Feeley asks on Twitter “#YOJAY what’s one of your favourite plyometric exercises for golfer?

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.48.27 PM

If you would like your questions answered by the Coach just send it via email, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, or directly from the Next Level YOJAY section with a #YOJAY and we may feature it on an upcoming show.


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