High TripleXity Training Program:

There has never been a more important time for you to take ownership of your body and mind...

I can't thank you enough for all your support, whether you're a long-time podcast listener, or we've trained together. Right now all my live events and training seminars are postponed. That's why I decided to make the 8-Week High-TripleXity online program available to the larger athlete and coach community at this incredible rate.

I've spent a few years formulating and creating my High TripleXity Neuromuscular program. Only my professional athletes have had access to this detailed training that focuses on the nervous system. I was only going to release this program later in the year but I think it can help more people now as we're cooped up and need to focus on something positive.

Because I love ya, when you sign up you'll get lifetime access to this program, including any updates. 

I value your feedback and I will be reaching out to you during your program with questions, please feel free to email me at any time. 

Neuromuscular Training is a building block used by all of the greatest athletes in the world. It gives them an edge, can be added to any other program without fear of burnout, and it's the key to unlocking your nervous system for elite athletic performance in any sport.

In the program I pull back the curtain on elite Neuromuscular Training protocols in tennis, baseball, golf, hockey, and multi-sport athletes.



How is this different compared to LoadXplode?

Here are some of the most common questions we get when we open LoadXplode sign-ups and why I created the High-Triplexity Program:
  • I already have a weightlifting program, can I do the LoadXplode program while I do my other workouts? (The answer is no, we prefer you only do LXP during the 16 weeks) 
  • If I can’t commit to a 16 week program what should I focus on?
  • I can't spend $300 on a program right now, do you have a shorter and more affordable program?
  • I have to do the strength program our team has been assigned, what else can I do to make sure I'm not sacrificing my movement and athleticism?
  • Do you have a shorter program I can do with my clients, when I say '16 weeks' I can see them disengaging. 
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We went back to the drawing board!

These questions led me to develop a High TripleXity program that just features the High Threshold elements.
I filmed a bunch of new Dynamic Warm Ups, High Threshold and a New Cool Down. We were able to compact the program into 8 unique weeks of High TripleXity training. 
The first few weeks are a new combination of warm-ups and high threshold workouts.
We took out the Strength and Power sections so that athletes can manage their time under tension.  
You can do these High Triplexity sessions everyday and still have energy for your curls, squats, pushes and pulls. 
The new warm ups are workouts in themselves. They will challenge you and broaden your movement matrix. It's the perfect program for any rotational athlete whether you are a golfer, baseball, football, soccer, hockey or tennis player. 

Level up your knowledge and training, while joining an incredible community.



As used by the top pro athletes in the world...RIGHT NOW.

My pro athletes are in YOUR shoes right now. They're stuck at home, unable to compete, trying to find ways to stay sane and fit, while not compromising on their elite training. This is the program they're doing RIGHT NOW. 

High TripleXity is the ultimate neuromuscular rotational training program on the planet. Over the next 8 weeks, you will experience the same neuromuscular rotational training program that Coach Glass’ Profesional athletes from the PGA Tour, MLB and Extreme Sports use. The program is designed to fill in the gaps from your traditional training programs and ignite your nervous system to release rotational speed and athleticism.

Each week your handcrafted training sessions take you through your Dynamic Warm-Up, High Threshold/TripleXity and Cool Down elements. You can think of each block as elements in the Periodic Table of Athletic Development.

Each week progresses from the previous week to challenge your nervous system, proprioception, core control and stability. It is a program that you can use multiple times a year when you are ready to peak for an event or if you have hit a plateau in your training.

Whether you are a seasoned gym rat or starting your fitness journey this program will be perfect for you. “How is that possible Coach?!”

When I start with a new client I always emphasize fundamentals. It doesn’t matter whether it is their first day in the gym or a 10 year MLB veteran. I will never assume that the foundation is in place for expressing their athletic potential. The High Triplexity program does exactly that!

It primes the nervous system to release speed that the athlete didn’t know they possessed. We accomplish this through multi-plane, multi-jointed movement patterns that place a priority on complexity over strength.

Most athletes are strong enough to play their sport at a high level. What they lack is the ability to express the strength they already possess. If you lack strength, this program will fit in perfectly with your current strength program.

The cool thing about neuromuscular training is you can perform it every day! It feels great and requires very little recovery. Muscles will become sore and need recovery days when put under enormous loads from traditional strength training. The nervous system, on the other hand, responds quickly from “neural load” that we deliver through new complex movements patterns.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, using the program as a stand-alone program or integrating it into your current strength program, you will be amazed by the way your body responds to High Triplexity!

Start Your 8-Week Neuromuscular Training Journey!

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