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Jason Glass is one of the world’s top Rotational Strength & Conditioning Specialists. Jason owns and operates Tour Performance Lab and Kinetica Golf Performance in Vancouver BC; specializing in training rotary athletes, biomechanics, physical assessments and functional strength training.

Jason is a consultant for many teams and professional athletes from the PGA Tour, NFL, NHL and Extreme Sports. Jason has also served as the head strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian National Team. Jason is also the head of the Titleist Performance Institutes Fitness Advisory Board.

Jason has been featured on the Golf Channel, Golf Canada Magazine and CBC Sports. Jason’s the host of the highly acclaimed Coach Glass Podcast on iTunes. 

Jason graduated from University of British Columbia with a bachelor of Human Kinetics and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA.

Jason is a professional speaker and lead presenter for the Titleist Performance Institute and Perform Better. Jason has presented internationally on golf conditioning, functional training, corrective exercise progressions, and creating rotary power for all athletes. His enthusiasm, sense of humour and passion for training makes Jason a crowd favorite on the speaker’s circuit.

 "I have spent the last 20 years of my career developing my training philosophy and coaching techniques. This site, my podcast and courses are a true expression of my experiences through my unique lens. I have always had a desire to devour knowledge and a hunger to expand my technical skills. This insatiable desire led me on the quest to uncover the key elements to developing enhanced human performance. The next step was to find an authentic way to express my creativity, be efficient in my messaging and unique in my delivery. I call my content “Edumatainment". Education that is delivered in an Entertaining manner to make it easier to understand, more enjoyable to consume and embedded with cues designed to trigger recall of key concepts. I believe in the concept of "Minimal Dose”. Deliver the right dose of training to maximize results with minimal toxic side effects. Training under this philosophy helped me develop High Threshold Training. This multiplanar, multisegmental, athletic based movement patterning style of training is the true essence of your 'next level'. It's time to learn and train in a way that separates you from your peers, and fulfill your potential. Let's get started!"


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